"Jesus Loves Sluts" by Julia Ardón, 2011

Courtesy of http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/08/19/costa-rica-slut-walk-discussions-on-religion-and-womens-rights/

The Marcha de las Putas in San Jose, Costa Rica was ostensibly precipitated by the comments of a religious leader, Bishop Ulloa, rather than the result of a law enforcement or a governmental official sticking his (always seems to be “his”) foot in his mouth. One of the manifestations of the demonstration was anti-church “chants and performances” (Parra 2011). However, a blogger know as Pablex, having reviewed the transcripts of the Bishop’s speech, could not find the quote credited to the religious leader by La Nacion’s coverage regarding women staying at home and refraining from imitating men as well as avoiding dehumanization and objectification through dressing modestly.

Perhaps the Catholic Church’s history, and that of other religious institutions for that matter, of seeking to control women’s bodies made it a target of the protest regardless of the Bishop’s comments. Maybe the protesters believe that it is one of many institutions that requires schooling from “sluts.”