As soon as I added the tag to my last post (predatory v. social), I realized social…what kind of a label is social rape? We use the term social as synonymous with a party or get together. Should we just make it more of a euphemism by referring to it as party rape. But then, I guess, it might be confused with gang rape and (*sarcasm*) it is not nearly as serious. Since it is the most prevalent form of rape in the U.S. society, is it not deserving of a less flimsy term?

If we are applying the term social to denote that “social rape” pertains to society at large then, returning to my previous post, it makes more sense. As I pointed out, if we see victim-blaming also as justifications for rape, justifications that are tacitly accepted by the larger society, the term social becomes more jarring. It needs to be more jarring–replace “social” with “societal” and we will have a closer estimation. I am not trying to undermine the agency of the rapist because everyone is exposed to society and not everyone is a rapist but rape myths may make it easier for some to cross the line.

Oops…I just looked it up and “party rape” is already taken. It refers to luring college-aged women into dangerous situations through the use of alcohol and drugs and then blaming them for being in these situations and getting raped.

We need better descriptors…